Flagz In The Community

Flagz Mas Band was established in 2007 with a mission to promote the arts and culture of the Caribbean among Londoners and to support the Diaspora in celebrating the heritage and history on which their presence is founded. The Band is famous for recruiting members from every nationality and ethnicity from the UK and across Europe with its very high standards, attractive costumes and a family of experienced designers, staff and volunteers. With our loyal group of members schooled in the traditions of Carnival, we are extremely receptive to artistic innovations and have participated in the Lord Mayor`s Parade, Thornton Heath festival and Manchester, Huddersfield & Notting Hill Carnival multiple times. We have also been present at the Rotterdam Carnival for the past 4 years. We have been successful on the Notting Hill carnival circuit for over 10 years, starting as a small band with 50 adult members. We now engage over 450 members to participate each year including both adults and children. We are supported by 150 members, staff & volunteers, reaching audiences of over one million people. We have consistently gained awards for our artistic endeavours including costume design, artistic interpretation, presentation and performance of themes. We have achieved 1st place in the Notting HIll Carnival’s Challenge Shield for Best Medium sized band on the road in 2009, 2010, 2011, and again in 2016. In 2017, our Juniors Mas group was awarded second place


Every year the Flagz Mas Band family get together to host an 8-week Junior Mas programme designed for children and young people aged 5-21 ahead of carnival weekend!

This invaluable opportunity allows young people and teenagers to explore their heritage and develop their creative skills whilst having fun. This year, our Junior Mas programme will provide a safe environment for children and young people to enjoy carnival and also educate them on the cultural history of Notting Hill carnival and traditional carnival art. Participants will have the chance to explore costume and design whilst creating exclusive pieces for the road, experimenting with traditional and contemporary dance routines before showcasing what they have learned in front of the judges at NHC!

We want to make this Carnival weekend one to remember! We’ll be bringing the soca, the colour and all the vibes to the road in our custom costumes!

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As part of the Junior Mas programme participants will receive:

· A guaranteed place on the road with the Award Winning Flagz Mas Band for an unforgettable Carnival experience

· 1 Child/ Teens exclusive costume for Carnival Sunday

· Personal ID wristband

· Secure band house with access to changing facilities and toilets

· Face paint, glitter, gems and more!

· Flagz goodie bag including an information pack, carnival essentials, sunscreen and more!

· Security team and qualified stewards with a rope cordon to keep you safe

· Caribbean or Continental breakfast, hot food, snacks, juice and water available all day

· On hand qualified First Aiders and paramedics

· Rest area and toilets on the trucks

· Full videography and photography teams on hand for those special moments throughout the day

To ensure we are as safe as possible while having lots of carnival fun on the road, we need some chaperones and volunteers to help us on the day. If you would be interested in helping us out, please contact Latisha at latisha@masflagzband.com